night cream and serum - love to sleep

Why haven't they thought of that before?

It's all so obvious!

Make a night cream and serum dream duo that can actually help you relax into sleep 

Hello from the land of the wee, small hours of the morning

Welcome you non sleepers

Are you having trouble sleeping? 

Are you stressed, worried, wired, using too many electronic devices?

Have you insomnia? Are you menopausal? 

Do you use ordinary night creams to replenish you skin?

Why not try Fresh To Face Sleep With Me Cream and Sleepy Serum duo?

Sleep With Me

the sleep cream

Do you want your skin to glow with health?

Would you love to say goodnight to plastic packaging, petroleum, palm oil, artificial preservatives, alcohol and bulking agents?

And would you like to welcome sustainable packaging into your cleaner, greener beauty routine?

Sleep With Me Night Cream with jasmine

Sleep and dream


Getting a good night's sleep is so important for our health

Zzzzds and beauty sleep


So often we don't get the rest we need

On our tummy, side or back...


Wouldn't you love to fall into deeper, more restful sleep?

Sleepy Serum

The serum

A sleepy blend of lavender, argan oil and plant-rich serum. A face-lift in a bottle that cares for your skin overnight and helps you sleep.

With no silicone, this serum has no expense spared with the silky miracle anti-aging olive squalene, exquisite argan oil and lavender essential oil. Apply Sleepy Serum before Sleep With Me Night Cream.

The problem

Beauty Without Plastic

Save Our Seas


Fresh To Face uses no plastic containers. 

We use glass bottles and jars with tin lids to keep our cosmetics fresh. The glass and tin is easily recycled. But best to reuse our containers in the home.

Helping the Environment


We don't buy plastic wrapping - we only pass it on when we receive it and keep it being used rather than end up in our seas. So when you receive a package with some bubble or other wrapping from us, don't throw it away; use it again.

Protect our seas


 Our bottles and jars are packaged in Belfast linen drawstring bags and flannel cloths. 

These can be used again and again rather than thrown away. 


Stress and worry was giving me sleepless nights

 During a particularly stressful time in my life I was functioning on two hours sleep and nothing seemed to help. The first night I tried Sleep With Me night cream I slept for seven hours straight. Not only does it work, sending me into a relaxed and dreamy state, but it also left my skin feeling fabulously nourished. It’s now my go to in times of stress or when I just need to be rested and at my best the following day.
Allison Morris
Irish News, Belfast 

Lovin' that homemade vibe

I am so grateful I found Fresh To Face Handmade Cosmetics in Belfast - my home city! So after many years of using all the creams on the market I have never had ones that do the best for my skin. I have been using these handmade skin cream products from Andrea McKernon;s handmade skin creams in Belfast (Morrow) for a long time now. Well all i can say is im in love with them use  them every night and off i drift in to land of nod. My skin's been  amazing and I just got my day cream today cant wait to use it. Thanks Andrea for introducing me to your products 10/10 for Product, Quality  and Service xx 


Oheare Proinisas

Serum & night cream junkies

 Clare Mck  Yes Andrea? I love them too especially the lavender Serum Xx 


Philomena Mcguickin  I  bought the night cream in this range. I normally can't use cream or  anything on my face & had to try this as my skin was so dry. I couldn't believe  that I didn't have a break out as I did when I used other creams. Will  try out  some of the other things in the range - thank you so much will be  in touch.

My spotty skin is 100 times better!


Andrea is my fairy godmother! After suffering with bad skin since my early teens, I have tried almost every product under the sun - much to my mother’s dismay. I thought I was destined to have skin problems for the rest of my life; that is until I came across Andrea and her range of homemade skincare. I’ve been using a range of products for combination skin for about two months now and my skin is 100 times better. All redness has completely calmed down and the texture has massively improved. The products also smell amazing and putting them on now feels like a treat rather than a chore! Thank you Andrea!

Lisa Kelland

Would recommend these quality creams to anyone

 Andrea's creams are the highest of quality and purely natural- which I  LOVE!! I would give 6 stars if I could!. I would recommend to anyone!  Amazing! 

Aimee O'Neill

Liking less visible lines

 I am so delighted with your amazing products. My skin is glowing and looks hydrated with less visible lines. I use your Sleepy Serum and Mature Allure......absolutely fantastic.......more please!  

Justine Long

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